Summary of "The Selfish Giant"

Breve riassunto dell'Opera "Il Gigante Egoista". Scritto in lingua inglese. (1 pagine formato doc)

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Untitled The Selfish Giant The Giant's Garden was very beautiful with green grass, flowers and trees.
The children used to go there, but one day the Giant return from the Cornwall and he didn't allow children to play and built a wall. Now the children had nowhere to play and they wanted return into the garden. The Spring came, but in the Giant's garden it was still the winter and it began the house of the Snow and the Frost, who they invited also the Hail and the North Wind because the Giant was too selfish. The Giant one morning heard a linnet singing and he thought what that the Spring was coming because the children had in the garden. The trees was covered with flowers and bird were flying.
Only in a corner there was the snow because a little child couldn't climb up a tree. So the Giant helped the child and he put him on the top of the tree because he understood his selfishness. Every day the children went to play there, but no one saw the little child and the Giant was sad because he loved him. The Giant grew old and one winter day the Giant found the child in a corner with a tree covered of blossoms. The child had many wounds and the Giant understood what the child was Jesus and took the Giant to Paradise. END By Saltalamacchia Luca II°B