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The tempest. Maybe the last great play written by Shakespeare.

It belongs to a group of comedies called romances, complicated stories of love and adventure with a happy end.
The play
The tempest is set on an island discovered by Columbus. Situations and characters are metaphors of colonialism.

The ship, on which the king of Naples Alonso and his court are sailing, is caught by a tempest. They are safe on an island, but the king’s son Ferdinand has disappeared. Prospero, a magician, who is the king of the island, has raised the tempest. Prospero was the Duke of Milan, but he lost his dukedom because of a plot set up by his brother Antonio and the king of Naples, Alonso. Prospero escaped from Milan with his little daughter Miranda. Prospero and Miranda went to the island, and thanks to his magic art, prospero subdued spirits, who lived on the island: Ariel and Caliban, a monster half man half beast.


At first Caliban was help for Prospero and Miranda; he showed them the qualities of the island, but he rebelled against Prospero’s authority, and he tried to violate Miranda to people the island with his own descendants. But now he’s Prospero’s servant.
That happened 13years ago. Now Prospero and his enemies are on the island together, but he’s the master.
The shipwrecked noblemen run into several adventures, set up by the magical art of Prospero. Miranda and Ferdinand fell in love; at the end they are reconciled. Prospero forgave Antonio and Alonso for the plot. They came back to Naples, where the marriage between Ferdinand and Miranda will be celebrated.
Caliban stayed on the island and Prospero freed Ariel.

The Tempest: riassunto breve in inglese


The text. Prospero and Miranda’s point of view is opposite. For prospero, Caliban is “most lying slave”(schiavo bugiardo), but for Miranda he’s an “abhorred slave”(odioso schiavo). Shakespeare showed Caliban’s inability of being taught.
The meaning of the text
Narrative motifs common to romance, classical and mythological references.
• Shakespeare investigated the nature of power in social and human relationships. Alonso usurped Prospero’s throne, but he in turn has usurped Caliban’s of his island. The plot was produced on the uncivilized island.
• Metaphor of colonialism, references to New World and to natives. Prospero is the colonist who takes possession of the island and enslaves its inhabitants; Caliban is the native as a savage.
• Prospero is a sort of theatre director, and a projection of Shakespeare himself, because he renounces magic and leaves the island as Shakespeare who with The Tempest wrote his last play, and came back to Stratford.
Metaphysical poetry