The Edwardian Age: riassunto

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The Edwardian Age.

After the death of Queen Victoria in 1901, his son Edward VII reigned. He was the only one of his dynasty. Edward VII visited many European nations. He negotiated an agreement with the French about the colonial policies. He was the first English king to visit Russia. in 1902 he founded the order of merit to reward those who had distinguished himself in science, art and literature. in 1906 the Liberals win elections, create a state and introduce pensions and insurance.
Although  the social reforms, the Edwardian age was a period of industrial unrest, strikes against the government and even violence by women. founded in 1903 is the union's social and political women.

The Edwardian age: riassunto in inglese


Suffragettes, well-educated women, they wanted to achieve the empowerment of women and the right to vote. In 1909, when the House of Lords did not approve the budget of the Liberals, there was a constitutional crisis. On the death of Edward VII in 1910, he was succeeded by his son George V. It was informal, simple and loved by the people. He had an exemplary dedication to her work and a perfect family life. during the First World War, it was attentive to the problems of the military and condemned the cruelty against German prisoners. Ireland asked the king the right for people to control their own affairs but the unionists and conservatives opposed. George V tried to reconcile the parties.

The Modern age: riassunto


Modern Poetry. During the 20th century many trends express modernity. The Georgian poets preceding the first world war and are influenced by Victorian poets . They see the landscape as an idyllic place and are hostile to the revolution
 The War Poets are young people who describe the cruelty and violence in unconventional ways with everyday language.
The Imagist born between 1912 and 1917 using images clear and precise and are free of metrical schemes . write poems and short without comment . The Symbolists , born from the poetry of Baudelaire, are characterized by indirect speech , use of an allusive language , importance to the sound of words and free verse . Eliot theorizes this type of poetry . he says, " poetry is not to go around to the emotions , but run away from them. " the poet through his experience provides a model of behavior , which can only be understood by the reader who is not superficial.


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