The garden party, K. Mansfield

Riassunto in inglese del racconto "The garden party" di Kate Mansfield. Sintesi e descrizione dei personaggi. Struttura. Ambientazione (3 pagine formato txt)

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The short story "The Garden Party" written in 1923 by Katherine Mansfield deals with an upper class teenage girl who faces the issue of class distinctions when she is unexpectedly broken the news of the death of an underprivileged neighbour who perishes while she is busy with the preparations of a huge party.
Laura, one of the teenage daughters of the Sheridans', is engaged in arranging the garden party which will be given in the afternoon. Laura welcomes the workmen who arrive to build up the marquee, her initial scepticism in view of their lower social class is expelled by fascination and attraction of their way of life. In the course of the preparations they are unexpectedly interrupted by the deliverer who delightfully presents the news of a riding accident which caused the death of a young man from the indigent neighbourhood.
Deeply shocked by this incident Laura sets her mind on cancelling the party and tries to convince her sister Jose and her mother of her intention, but they refuse to agree with this idea. Mrs Sheridan even seems to be amused about the commiseration of her daughter.