The Origins - The Middle Ages

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The Origins - The Middle Ages - THE IBERIANS
The prehistoric inhabitants of England were the Iberians.
Little is known about them. A very important monument from their civilisation is Stonehenge, a circle of enormous stones, which was probably a temple.

The Celts migrated from Germany towards 700 BC. They were organised into tribes and lived in small villages. They worshipped the natural elements and they lived on fishing, hunting and agriculture. The Celts used the runic alphabet that was made up of signs (or “runes”) used for inscriptions in stone, metal and wood. The runes progressively disappeared when the Latin alphabet was adopted.

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Under the leadership of Julius Caesar, the Romans first invaded England around 55 BC, but they didn’t settle there until 43 AD.
They built towns and roads and introduced their culture, lifestyle and language (Latin). In 122 AD the Emperor Hadrian ordered the building of a great wall (Hadrian’s Wall) in the north of England to protect England against possible invasions from Scotland. England remained part of the Roman Empire for 400 years.

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The Anglo-Saxon conquered England around 455. They were a mixture of Germanic tribes which were made up of the Angles that settled in the north and east, the Saxons that settled in the south and west, and the Jutes that settled on the Isle of Wight and the nearby mainland. They divided the country into seven kingdoms although they shared many customs. They lived mainly in small villages, their huts grouped around the house of their lord.