The strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde: riassunto in inglese

riassunto in inglese del romanzo di Stevenson, "The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" (2 pagine formato doc)

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THE STRANGE CASE OF DR JEKYLL AND MR HYDE RIASSUNTO IN INGLESE - The strange case of Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde The story: Summary OPENING SITUATION: The story begins with the description of one of the main characters, Mr.Utterson, a well-known London's lawyer.

One day Mr.Utterson and his cousin Mr.Enfield were taking their afternoon walk. They entered a dark, narrow street and came upon a gloomy building with only a door in it and no windows. That sight reminded to the latter a terrible scene he witnessed no longer before. He was going home at three o'clock in the morning when he suddenly saw two people: a little girl who was running as fast as she could and a man who was walking quickly ahead of him.

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DOTTOR JEKYLL E MISTER HYDE RIASSUNTO INGLESE - Then a terrible thing happened: the man just stepped on the child who was fallen down. Mr.Enfield saw it, ran after the man and caught him. The family of the injured girl wanted money from him for not telling that story to everyone and for not discredit him, so he accepted. The man took them to that building, went in by that door and soon came back with a cheque, which was signed with a well-known name. The stranger told them that his name was Hyde and Mr.Enfield didn't trust him, but when they went together to the bank for the money the signature was perfectly good. When he ended the story, Mr.Utterson understood that there was a connection between Mr.Hyde and Dr.Jekyll, his friend and client, because that building was in fact a wing of his house, serving as laboratory.

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THE STRANGE CASE OF DR JEKYLL AND MR HYDE SUMMARY - Main events: Back home he reread Dr.Jekyll's will, of which he took charge when it had been made, and discovered that Mr.Hyde was his only heir, also in case of Dr.Jekyll's “disappearance or unexplained absence”. Mr.Utterson decided to investigate, so he went to Dr.Lanyon, a friend of him, but he couldn't give him any useful information. A year later, another strange fact happened: an old respectable man, Sir Danvers Crew, was found beaten to death in an alley near the river. Moreover, thanks to the testimony of a servant girl who saw the murder from a window, Mr.Hyde was accused of having committed that horrible crime. Leggi anche The strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde: analysis