The taming of the shrew

Sintesi in inglese della trama della celebre commedia shakespeariana "La bisbetica domata" (1 pagine formato doc)

Appunto di giosangio
Christopher Sly is a poor man who owns a lot of money to a landboy: one evening he's drunk and the landlady throws him out of her tavern, where he falls asleep. A lord, who's passing by, decides to play a trick on him: he wants him to believe he's a lord who's gone mad losing his memory.
Sly believes him and he's taken to see a play.

The play

Lucentio, a gentleman who comes from Pisa, comes to Padua and, with his servant Tranio, overhears men quarreling.

Gremio and Hortensio are both suitors to Bianca, Baptista's daughter, but her father has decided that she won't get married before her older quarrelsome sister Katharine does. Baptista's looking for a tutor for Bianca, so Lucentio, wh's fallen in love with her, decides to disguise as a tutor, while Tranio, disguised as Lucentio, tries to arrange the marriage between them with Baptista.

In the meantime Gremio and Hortensio decide to find a husband for Katharine.

Petruchio, a business man from Verona, comes to Padua in search of adventure, and perhaps, of a wife.
He's a friend of Hortensio and he's not interested in a girl's rudeness, but in her whealth, so Hotrensio proposes him to marry Bianca's sister. Petruchio agrees.

Hortensio and Lucentio enter Baptista's house disguised as tutors,
the first one with thename of Licio, the second one with the name of Cambio. Baptista and Petruchio arrange Katharine's marriage and Petruchio decides that the only way to tame her is to act as Katharine means the opposite of what she says and does.

Petruchio and Katharine meet, he plays his strategy and decides to marry her on the next Sunday. Tranio (disguised as Lucentio) and Gremio try to obtain Bianca's hand. Baptista decides to give her to the richest one, who turns out to be Tranio. As Tranio's young, Baptista's wants his father to confirm his whealth. As a consequence Lucentio and Tranio decide to find a merchant to act as Vincetio, Lucentio's father.