The tempest: riassunto breve in inglese

Breve riassunto in lingua inglese dell'opera teatrale di Shakespeare, The tempest (1 pagine formato doc)

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Summary of “The Tempest”, William Shakespeare.  Prospero, an old man, Duke of Milan, and his daughter, Mirando, lived on an certain island in the sea.

Their house was a cave in the rock, where prospero had also his study, infact he had a lot of magic books beacuse he was very interested in this subject.
Tihs islan had been put under a spell by a witch called Sycorax, who locked up some spirits in bodies of trees. prospero set them free and knew Ariel, who promised him to be obedient to his will.
prospero knew also Caliban, an ugly monster, Sycorax’s son, and forced this monster to make all the tiring jobs for him.
One day he learned that Antonio, his brother, Alonso, the King of Naples and ferdinand, his son, were sailing near the island, so he ordered Ariel to organise a tempst to make them been shipwrecked.


Before that prospero told miranda their true story, that he was the Duke of Milan and he was dethroned by his brother and the King of Naples twelve years before.
However these peolpe arrived to different parts of the island, so that Ariel could bring Ferdinand to Miranda and make them fall in love whit each other.
After that Prospero ordered Ariel to bring Antonio and Alonso to him.
When these two evil men were in front of Prospero they began to pray him not to kill them.
At the end Prospero decided to forgive them and said Alonso that ferdinand and Miranda would get married as soon as they returned to Milan.
Infact Prospero ordered Ariel t make them come back to Ytaly safe before Prospero would set the spirit free.

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