the victorian age - THE BRONTË SISTERS

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Vita e opere delle sorelle Bronte (cime tempestose e jane eyre) e di Stevenson (dr J e mister H). THE CHARACTERS. THE IMAGE OF THE WINDOW. CATHY’S CIRCLE. THE STRANGE CASE OF DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE, THE SETTING (5 pagine formato doc)

The Victorian Age (1830/1901) corresponds more or less to the life of Queen Victoria.
She went to the throne when she was very young and she reigned for a very long period. The Brontë sisters, Anne, Emily and Charlotte, were the daughters of an Anglican clergyman and they were brought up with their two other sister and a brother by her mother’s sister. Wuthering Heights explores the nature of love, which sometimes is not happy and isn’t something simple.