The victorian novel and Dickens

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Riassunto del periodo vittoriano con le opere e la vita di Dickens (2 pagine formato doc)

The victorian novel
The victorian period can be considered the golden age of the novel,in fact the novel became the art form most capable of reflecting the complexity of the modern world.
It was the entertaiment of middle classes. 
The 19th century novelists published their novels in a instantments( megazines and peiodicals). 
This form of publication created a type of expectation in readers because were anxious to find out what happened next in the story. 
This linearity became an important feature of this century. 

One of the most popular genres was the Bildungsroman that traced the life of character from infancy to adulthood.ù
 The most famous examples were: Jane Eyre ( of Charlotte Bronte) , David Copperfield, Great Expectations and Nicholas Nickelby ( of Dickens) .
 In these novel there was the relation between individual and society in particular the way the individual could find the place in society through compromise and conformism. 

These novelistis brought changes because the felt a social and moral responsability to portray society in a realistic way. 
The general plot was around question of money . 
The narrator was omniscent and was a moral guide and as an instrument for analysing the psychology of the characters.