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I romanzi dell'età vittoriana e le opere di Charles Dickens (2 pagine formato doc)

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The victorian novel.

The victorian period can be considered the golden age of the novel,in fact the novel became the art form most capable of reflecting the complexity of the modern world. It was the entertaiment of middle classes.
The 19th century novelists published their novels in a instantments( megazines and peiodicals).
This form of publication created a type of expectation in readers because were anxious to find out what happened next in the story.
This linearity became an important feature of this century.

One of the most popular genres was the Bildungsroman that traced the life of character from infancy to adulthood.ù
 The most famous examples were: Jane Eyre (of Charlotte Bronte), David Copperfield, Great Expectations and Nicholas Nickelby (of Dickens) .
 In these novel there was the relation between individual and society in particular the way the individual could find the place in society through compromise and conformism.

Età vittoriana e Charles Dickens: riassunto


These novelistis brought changes because the felt a social and moral responsability to portray society in a realistic way.
The general plot was around question of money.
The narrator was omniscent and was a moral guide and as an instrument for analysing the psychology of the characters.
However the society begins to recede.
 The characters' interior world (dream) becomes important while their external reality becomes increasingly alienating and mechanical.
Charles Dickens is probably the most representative literary figure of this period.
He is the first urban novelist who in many ways anticipates the themes and language of 20th century.
Most novel are set in London and there is the vitality of life in the city as well as the squalor and deprivation of many inhabitants.
Dickens's characters give voice to the panorama of social classes and professions who emerging in the modern city.
The comedy comes from the way because imitates their different speech patterns mixing proper and improper uses of language.
However Dickens critical the greed and hypocrisy of  the rich,bureaucracy and indifference to the problem of the poor.
William Thackeray began his literaty as a jounalist, writing humourous,sketches and satirical pieces.
His most important novel is Vanity Fair and tells the story of Becky Sharp who manages to pass for a lady of high society.
 But this novel is contrasted with Amelia Sedley and is critical of a society because based on money and appearances.


Charles Dickens (1812-1870). He was born near Portsmouth, his father was imprisoned for debt so he work in a factory and was a trumatic experience.
 After he back to school, became first a parliemtary reporter and then a jounalist.
He contributed stories and sketches to newspapers and megazines ( Sketches of Boz – The Pickwick Papers). 1837-1857 published 14 novels abouth adventure as Nicholas Nickleby and Oliver Twist and historical novel as Barnaby Rudge, sentimental novel as Dombey and son and autobiographical as David Copperfield ( social opitimism).
After that the Great Expectations rivisits  David C, in a ironic vein and wrote Bleak House,Little Dorrit and Our Mutual Friens that present a nightmarish vision of V. London.
His last novel is Mystery of Edwin Drood and is regarded by critics as the english forerunner to detective story. One of the short story is A Christmas Carol.
Hard Times plot : Thomas Grandgrind is a citizen of Coketown,he is a pratical man and believes only in fact and figures and brings his children( Luisa and Tom) up in a austere fashion and suppressing any imaginative impulses they have.