The woman in white

Trama del romanzo in inglese (2 pagine formato doc)

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Walter hartright was given a job drawing to Marian and Laura, the two nieces of Frederick Fairlie, at limmeridge House.
The night before he left for Limmeridge House, Walter met a strange young woman dressed in white. She asked him if he knew any aristocrats, and she told him about a woman called Mrs Fairlie. Later, Walter heard a man saying that she had escaped from an asylum. Two days later he was in limmeridge. He immediately fell in love with Laura. He told Marian about the woman in white. Marian thought that she was a student of her mother’s called Anne catherick. Three months later, Walter had to leave limmeridge house because Laura’s future husband, sir Percival, was coming.
Walter was worried that sir Percival was the evil aristocrat Anne had mentioned. A day after their arrival, sir Percival tried to force Laura to sign a document. Laura refused and sir Percival became angry, but the count was able to tame him with his cool, grey eyes. Marian told the family lawyer to investigate, but sir Percival explained everything satisfactorily.