The world of the theatre in Elizabethian age

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The world of the theatre in Elizabethian age - James Burbage built the first permanent theatres,the Theatre  (1576)and the Curtain (1577),to north of the wall of the city of London infact in this period the theatre were built in suburbs because the authorities were hostile to public performances but the Queen enjoyed plays and the Privil counsil supported them .So now Elizabethan players had a stable home , infact before they usually acted in the halls of nobleman's houses , in public , at the Queen's palace , or in any place where they could erect a stage .

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Permanent theatres were circular or octagonal ,within the outers walls there were three tiers of roofed galleries ,looking down on the stage and the yard where the poorer spectators stood.The stage jutted out into the yards so when the theartre was full the players were surrounded by three side .Over the stage to protect the players from rain there was a roof .In the front of the stage there was a trap door .Behind the stage there was an inner stage, concealed by a curtain, that was used only for several plays and was used for discoveries  and  for concealmens.

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