Tom Jones by Fielding

Riassunto in lignua inglese capitolo per capitolo del romanzo di Fielding "Tom Jones" (5 pagine formato doc)

Appunto di robbiese
Chapter 1=>Mr Allworthy find a baby .Mr Allworthy, a gentleman who lives in somerset with his sister because his wife and children died, goes to bed and finds a baby sleeping between the sheets.
He decides to adopt him, after he discovers that the mother is jenny jones, a beautiful girlof the village, but she refuses to say who the father is. Capitan Blifil marries mrs Allworth, mr Allworthy’s sister, and they have a child. People in the village suspect that mr Patridge, Jenny Jones’s master, is Tom’s father. Mrs Patrige knows about the story of her husband with Jenny so she is very angry. News about the argument between the Patridges reachs mr Allworthy who orders to them to appear in front of him: he wants to know the truth about Tom.
Mrs Patridge says all about tom. When mrs patridge dies mr patridge leaves the area. Soon also capitain blifil and mrs allworthy. Chapter 2=>tom’s early adventures. The 2 children in mr allworthy house (tom and blifil) are very different. One day tom goes to shoot in a forbiden area, mr wester’s estate, with his friend george...