Tourist accommodation

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There are two main categories of tourist accommodation: serviced and self-catering.
The first includes hotels, bed and breakfast establishments, guesthouses and inns. In each of these, we can find a variety of services provided by the accommodation furnisher: the preparation of breakfast and other meals, room cleaning, changing and washing laundry. Nevertheless, serviced arrangement varies a lot in size, quality, price and facilities.
On the contrary, self-catering organization includes camping sites, hostels, residence and villas. In these places, holidaymakers can buy their own food and use kitchens or other facilities supplied for cooking, washing dishes and, sometimes, laundry and cleaning services.

Inns and guesthouses are a small simple type of hotel.
We can find several types of hotel: city hotel, resort hotel, spa hotel, conference hotel, motels and airports hotels. City hotels cater mainly for those who need accommodation for a short stay, like business people and tourists. These hotels are usually near tourist attractions or stations, operate all year and offer many services, including restaurants and bars.
Resort hotels are mainly for people on holiday; therefore, they are located on vacation destinations near the seaside, mountains or lakes. Here guests tend to stay for several days or weeks, also because luxurious surroundings and numerous recreational facilities are offered.

Spa hotel is typically located in spa resort where there are springs of natural mineral water, which tourists are attracted to for health reasons and fitness. These hotels are luxurious and expensive.
Conference hotels are specifically designed to cater for large scale meetings, conventions and business meetings as well as social events. This type of hotel provide audiovisual and technical equipment, secretarial services and recreational facilities.