Treasure Island

Riassunto del famoso libro "Treasure island" di Robert Louis Stevenson in inglese (1 pagine formato doc)

Appunto di filippogasbarro
The novel is about a treasure; the story tells of Jim Hawkins, a young boy who lives with his mother in his parent's inn (locanda dei suoi genitori), “The Admiral Benbow”. 
One day arrives at the inn a mysterious man called Bill because he wants to hid a sea-chest (baule da marinaio).
Few months later, an old, blind (cieco) pirate, called ‘Blind Pew’ arrives at the inn and gives Bill the ‘Black Spot’ (il marchio nero) - the mark of death  about Flint’s pirate crew (ciurma).
Bill recognize the sign and he died.
Jim wants find the key of Bill’s sea-chest and he finds a treasure map. 

Blind Pew returns with a band of pirates that look for treasure map.
Jim takes the map to Doctor Livesey and Squire (cavaliere) Trelawney and they decide to go and find the treasure. Squire Trelawney obtain a ship, the Hispaniola. Jim meets Long John Silver, the famous old pirate with one leg, who is the cook on the ship and he’s in company with a parrot, that repeats all the time “pieces of eight”…
During the travel, Jim falls in an apple barrel and discovers that Silver is plotting to kill them all.