Tresaure Island in lingua inglese

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Riassunto dell'opera di Stevenson "Tresaure Island", in lingua inglese (2 pagine formato doc)

TREASURE ISLAND TREASURE ISLAND The book is about a treasure; the story is set in the days of sail ship and pirates and it tells of the adventure of Jim Hawkins, a young boy who lives in a plain way with his mother in his parents' inn, `The Admiral Benbow'.
One day arrives at the inn a mysterious man called Bill. He's looking for a quiet and peaceful place because he wants to hid a se-chest. He rents a room at the inn, pays Jim's mother and warns Jim to keep a look out for him, especially of a sea-fearing man with one leg! Few months later, Bill is still staying at the inn but he didn't pay for the stay of the last months; he is drinking a lot of rum and Doctor Livesey, a family-friend of Jim's father, who's dead, has already gave him an advertisement : he must stop drinking do much and he must calm down. An old, blind pirate, called `Blind Pew' arrives at the inn and gives Bill the `Black Spot'- the mark of death among Flint's pirate crew.
Bill recognize the sign and few later he died of heart attack. Jim helped by his mother finds the key of Bill's sea-chest and in the chest he finds a strange map, that mark the place where is hidden a treasure. They have time to hide just before Blind Pew returns with a band of pirates. They start ransacking the inn looking for the map, but the soldiers arrive and the pirates escape except for Blind Pew, who is killed by the soldiers. Jim takes the map to doctor Livsey and Squire Trelawney and they decide to go and find the treasure. Squire Trelawney obtain a ship, the Hispaniola, and few weeks later they sail from Bristol. Captain of the ship is Captain Smollet, Telawney is the admiral, the doctor is the ship's doctor and Jim a cabin boy. Jim meets Long John Silver, the famous old pirate with one leg, who is the cook on the ship and he's in company with a strange parrot, that repeats all the time `pieces of eight'… The captain doesn't trust the crew and he's right because some members of the crew heard about the treasure and they're organizing a mutiny. However, the night before they land on the treasure island Jim falls in an apple barrel and discovers that Silver and other members of the crew are plotting to kill them all. He realizes that Silver and most of the crew are actually pirates and were once member of Flint's crew. Jim warns the doctor, Squire and the captain about the plans that he heard from the apple barrel. When they arrive near the island, the captain sends most of the pirates ashore as a reward and Jim decided to go with them. When they touch land, Jim hide and escape. Advanced in the forest, he meets Ben Gunn, a strange and wild man, who was marooned on the island three years ago by his crew mates. Ben promise to help Jim and his friends and he shows Jim where can he find a boat if he'll need it. Meanwhile, the captain and the others have abandoned the Hispaniola and taken refuge in an old stockade, built by Flint's crew, on the island. Jim finds them and they decided reinforce them