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Queen Victoria come to the throne in 1837 and died in 1901 and her reign was the longest of England.
The middle classes loved her because of her moral and religious view.
The Victorian age was a period of progress, expansions and social reforms.

Regina Vittoria reigned constitutionally with the help of Parliament. The two most important political parties were Liberals and Conservatives.
The Liberals promoted liberal trade. In this period there was also another important working-class movement called Chartism.
During this period also Britain was the industrial and economical leader in the world and this was symbolized by the Great Exibition where goods of the Empire were sawn. Also we can see the birth of trade unions.


Because of industrial development, Britain become a nation full of overcrowded cities. The poor lived segregated in slums, characterised by died, crime, terrible working conditions and epidemics like Colera and TB.
Medicine tried to fight this situation and so professional organization were founding and modern hospital were built.
Also were introduced service like water, gas, shops…and in particular police stations. Also in this period there were several wars to gain new territories (Asia, Africa, Central America, Oceania). Infact British people thought that colonial expansion was a mission (Jingoism).

Victorian age: riassunto in inglese