Walter scott

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Walter Scott and Ivanhoe (1 pagine formato docx)

Scott was born in Edinburgh in 1771
At the age of two survived a bout (attacco) of polio that would live him lame (zoppicante)

Scott’s passion was the history of the area between Edinburg and the English border, known as the Border Country, this interest culminated in the publication of Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border.
Scott’s interest I the past also led him to write novel set in remoter historical periods.

In 1820 Scott was created Baronet
In 1826 the publishing business James Ballantyne& Co was plunged(cadere) in serious financial difficulties.
As a partner , Scott found himself liable (responsabile) for debts.
He managed to pay them through his writing, but the effort shortened his life.
He died in 1832

Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border (1802-03)
The Lady of the lake (1810)
Waverly (1814)
The Lord of the Isles 
Rob Roy (1817)
Ivanhoe (1819)