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William Golding (1911 – 1993)
Biographical note
-    1911 born in Cornwall
-    Until 1940: schoolteacher, then he joined the Royal Navy
-    After the war: schoolteaching in a grammar school in Salisbury
-    1983: awarded the Nobel Prize
-    1993: death
Main works
-   Lord of the Flies (1954)
-    The Inheritors (1955)
-    Pincher Martin (1956)
-    Free Fall (1959)
-    The Spire (1964).


Lord of the Flies (1954).

Plot: A group of English schoolboys, aged between six and twelve, are the only survivors of a plane crash on a desert island in the Pacific.
On exploring the island, they realize that it is completely uninhabited. So they decide to organize their own society and choose Ralph, one of the older boys, as their leader, while Jack, his antagonist, is elected as the leader of the hunters, who will provide food for the whole community. Ralph orders to keep a fire burning on the mountain in order to attract the attention of passing ships, to hold assemblies at the sound of a conch shell and to respect the rules of a democratic society. At first the boys enjoy the unexpected freedom, but before long they revert to a state of savagery and many of them start to believe in the presence of a “beast”, which they identify with the corpse of a parachutist lying on the mountain.  After killing a sow  in a ritual slaughter, they place its head on a sharpened stake  in the jungle as an offering to the “beast”  and start a chaotic wild dance.

Il signore delle mosche: analisi libro di Golding


Meanwhile, one of the older boys, Simon, sees the dead parachutist and finds out that the “beast” does not exist, therefore he tries to interrupt the wild dance but he is killed by his mates, who do not recognize him. After Simon’s death, Ralph loses control over the tribe and is hunted by the other boys, who set the forest on fire in order to force him out.  He is eventually saved by the timely arrival of an officer from a British ship sailing near the island, who had been attracted by the fire of the forest.
Literary and moral value. Source: The Coral Island by Robert Michael Ballantyne, a Victorian children’s classic in which the children establish a perfectly functioning colony on a desert island.

Il signore delle mosche: recensione libro di Golding


Title: Lord of the Flies is the translation of the biblical name “Beelzebub”, the powerful daemon. It represents the power of evil, the beast within each of us, always alive even though repressed.
Theme: the conflict between two instincts – savagery and civilization, evil and good. Golding shows that the civilizing instinct is a product of social conditioning, not deeply rooted in the human mind. It asks men to obey the law and to behave morally in order to achieve democracy and peace. The civilizing impulse is represented by Ralph, who wants to maintain order and build a miniature civilization on the island. The main representative of evil is Jack, obsessed with power and the bloodlust of hunting. He embraces violence and savagery and refuses any moral restraint.