William Wordsworth: vita e opere

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William Wordsworth: vita e opere - William Wordsworth (1770-1850)
Wordsworth was born in a small village in the Lake district.
He spent his childhood in close contact with nature.
The beauty of the countryside with its sights and smells provided the inspiration for his future poetry.
He graduated in Cambridge in 1791.

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In 1791 Wordsworth left for France where he became a supporter of the French Revolution.Lack of money compelled him to go back to England.
Here , his sister Dorothy helped him to recover from his sense of failure and disillusionment
In 1797 Wordsworth met the poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge.
Their friendship was long , productive and crucial to the development of the Romantic poetry.
The two poets shared the same love for nature, and for poetry.

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It was during one of their walks that Wordsworth and Coleridge planned the structure of The Lyrical Ballads.
In 1799 Wordsworth and Coleridge settled at Dove cottage, Grasmere , in the Lake District.
In 1843 Wordworth was appointed Poet Laureate.
He died in 1850.
Lyrical Ballads
The Lyrical Ballads resulted from the co-operation of the two poets.