Wuthering Heights - Emily Bronte

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Riassunto della trama e dei temi principali del libro in questione in inglese dal libro "Only Connect...New Directions 2, Edizione blu" (2 pagine formato doc)

E39 → E41
The novel is about tho houses:
Wuthering Heights, the house of the Earnshaw;
Thrushcross Grange, the house of the Linton.
The novel beginning with the story of Mr Lockwood, who has rent the Thrushcross Grange, who goes to his neighbour, Mr Heatcliff, who is also his landlord, and he has to stay a night at Wothering Heights, where Heathcliff lives, because of a snowstorm; 

during the night he has a strange dream about a girl who is tapping on the window asking to be let in after 20 years of wandering on moors. The next day, he returns home and his housekeeper tells him all the story:
One day, Mr Earnshaw came back from Liverpool with a foundling, that he decided to call Heathcliff because of his black hair and eyes, symbol of mystery.
Hindley, Mr Earnshaw son, ill-treated him, Catherine instead got on very well with him. They wandered the moors together and they promised each other that they would stay together forever. One day, because of an accident, Catherine had to stay at Thrushcross Grange for five weeks and she had the opportunity of known Edgar and Isabella, the sons of Linton. When a few year later Edgar proposed to her, she accepted.