Charles Dickens: biografia breve

Riassunto breve in inglese della biografia di Charles Dickens e delle sue opere "Hard times" e "David Copperfield" (7 pagine formato pdf)

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Charles Dickens.

Charles Dickens is an english writer born in 1812 in Portsmouth. He become a journalist and a parliamentary reporter, while he was publishing his first novels. During his life he published 14 novels and left one ( "The mystery of Edwin Drood" ) unfinished. He founded and directed two
journals. He died in 1870. He is considered the greatest victorian writer because his works best reflects the complexity, excitement and disharmonies of the age.

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Hard Times.

Hard Times is a novel first published in 1854. The book is a condition-of-England novel.The novel follows a classical tripartite structure. Book I is entitled "Sowing", Book II is entitled "Reaping", and the third is "Garnering."
THE PLOT. Thomas Gradgrind is a leading citizen of Coketown, an industrial city in the north of England. He believes that life should only centre around practical matters and that the use of the imagination is a time-wasting distraction from the serious world of factual reality. His efforts to bring up his children according to these principles, however, meet with disaster. His daughter's marriage to a much older man, Mr Bounderby, which he strongly encouraged,
collapses, while his son leaves the country in disgrace having robbed the local bank. Gradgrind finally admits that his theories on life and how to bring up children have been proved wrong.
THE CHARACTERS (Thomas Gradgrind) He is a utilitarian who is the founder of the educational system in Coketown. He represents the stringency of Fact, statistics and other materialistic pursuits. He is a "square" person and this can be seen not only through Dickens´description of his personality but also through the description of his physical appearance, "square shoulders".

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DAVID COPPERFIELD. David Copperfield is a novel written by Charles Dickens published in 1849-1850. Probably this is the most autobiographical novel of this autor. It treats themes like emigration, growing up, contempt of the upper class towards the lower class, economic opportunities in the art of marriage. It is an instalment that gives a view of London in XIX century (but also of Canterbury and Dover) and of the victorian life. Is a building roman, that is a story telled from the beginning till the end of the life of the main character.