David Herbert Lawrence

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Lawrence was born in 1885 in Nottinghamshire.
Lawrence’s family was poor (his father was an illiterate coal miner) so, at the age of fifteen, he was forced to work. He was really close to his mother (belonging to middle class). When he got enough money, he started attending the Nottingham University College and then he became a teacher. He lived two important love relationships: the first one with Jessie Chambers (a woman following the strict Victorian code) and the other one with Frieda Weekley (a woman following modern ideas) who will spend all her life with Lawrence. With Frieda, he travelled to Italy, Ceylon, Australia, North America and Mexico and wrote several books among the most remarkable is “Twilight in Italy”.
He died ill with tuberculosis in France in 1930. Lawrence’s masterpiece is “Sons and Lovers” (published in 1913). It tells about the Morels, a family, living in a poor coal-mining village, whose members were an illiterate coal miner, a cultured woman and four children out of all them the older are William and Paul.