Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde: riassunto in inglese

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Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde: riassunto in inglese per capitoli del libro di Stevenson (3 pagine formato doc)


The strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde di Robert Louis Stevenson.

Chapter one: Story of the door - Mr Utterson, a lawyer,  was walking with Mr Enfield like every Sunday. While they saw a dirty door, Mr Enfield started telling a strange story about it. He said he saw two people, a man and a girl.  A while after they ran into each other and the girl fell down. Then the man continued walking and he walked over the girl’s body.
Mr Enfield said he went after the man and he saw that the man was little and he was strange. Everybody hated the man, because of that strange thing. Mr Enfield said he went to the man and he agreed to give the girl’s family one hundred pounds. The man went home, he opened the dirty door with a key and he went out with a cheque for ninety pounds and ten pounds in notes. The name of the man was Mr Hyde.

Dottor Jekyll e Mister Hyde: riassunto breve


Chapter two: Search for Mr Hyde - When Mr Utterson came home, he was unhappy. He ate and he took Dr Jekyll‘s will. There was written that in case of disappearance or death of Dr Jekyll, Mr Edward Hyde could have all his money. The lawyer decided to find out the truth. He decided to visit Dr Lanyon, another old friend of Jekyll. They talked a little and then Utterson asked if he knows the name ‘Hyde’. He said no. One day Utterson was walking in the old street, when he saw a man. He asked him if he was Hyde and he confirmed. Hyde sad Jekyll wasn’t at home and he gave Utterson his address. Utterson went to Jekyll house and he asked Poole, a servant, if Hyde was a close friend of Jekyll. It was so. Servants had to obey Mr Hyde. He also had a key of the laboratory.


Chapter three: The Carew murder case - One year passed and a terrible murder happened. A servant girl described what happened. She saw and old man walking along the street, and a small one. They met and the old man asked something to the other. Then the girl recognized the small man: he was Mr Hyde. He didn’t answer the question. Suddenly he lifted the stick he had in his hand and began to hit the old man. The girl was so horrified that she fainted. When she woke up she called the police. Hyde wasn’t there, but the body of the old man was lying on the floor. There was also a piece of the stick. There were old man’s  wallet and papers, and a letter to Utterson. Police went to Utterson. Then they went back to the body. The lawyer recognized the body. He was a member of the parliament, Sir Danvers Carew. When he heard Hyde name, he went with the police to Hyde house.  At night, Utterson went to Jekyll’s  and he asked his friend if he was hiding Hyde. He said that nobody would see Hyde anymore. Than Jekyll took a letter and gave Utterson it . There,  Hyde thanked Jekyll for his friendship. Hyde said he was going away. Then Utterson went out from Jekyll’s and he went to his head-clerk, Mr Guest. He put the letter of Hyde next to another letter, written by Jekyll. He saw they were written by the same person.


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