Jane Austen

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Jane Austen


1775: born in Steventon (south-west of England)

-father was rector of the church

-sixth of seven children

-uneventful life within the circle of her very close, affectionate family

-never married

was educated at home by the father showed interest in literature writing very early

1787: first writings

from 1795 and 1796 completed "Elinor and Marianne", basis of "Sense and sensibility", then "Pride and prejudice" (1813)

1798 wrote Northanger Abbey

when her father died, her family settled at Chawton, where she produce her most nature works

Mansfiedl Park (1814)

Emma (1816)

Persuasion (1818)

1817: die because of Addison's disease in Winchester (buried in Winchester Cathedral)

her novel had been published anonymously until her brother adding a "Bibliographical Notice of the Author" to Northanger Abbey and Persuasion while he was supervision them publication