1984, George Orwell

Riassunto in inglese del libro "1984" di George Orwell e analisi tematiche (2 pagine formato doc)

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Nineteen Eighty-Four
In the novel is described a future world divided into three blocks:
1. Oceania;
2. Eurasia;
3. Eastasia.
In Oceania, the regiment is ruled by the Party, led by a man called Big Brother, who wants always war against the other two states.
In order to control people’s lives, the Party creates and promotes a “Newspeak”, an invented language with a limited number of word, and threatening them through the Thought Police.

People can’t freely speak, have sex and any expression of individuality are forbidden, but the protagonist of the story, Winston Smith, have a diary in which he reports his memories and his thoughts in order to leave his experiences to the future generations.
He works for the Ministry of Truths, where he rewrites history to suit the needs of the Party; there, he sees an attractive woman that he is scared could be an informant who wants to prove his guilty of “thoughtcrime”.
Her name is Julia and together they begin a secret affair; one day, they are invited to O’Brien’s flat, that reveal to them that he hates the Party as them and that he is a member of the Brotherhood, a group that is trying to overthrow the Party.