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AUGUSTAN AGE COFFEE HOUSESS RIASSUNTO - The rise of the middle classes.

In the Augustan Age the middle classes expanded considerably and began to frequent coffee houses. In these coffee houses people met to exchange ideas and read newspapers. In this period journalism began to flourish.
Titles such as The Tatler, The Spectator, The Examiner and The Daily Universal Register now known as the Time were founded.

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COFFEE HOUSES 18TH CENTURY - Coffee houses developed during the 18th century and they were very frequented in throughout Europe. When coffee houses developed there was almost 500 coffee houses in London that were accepted by moralists because they granted a correct social behavior reducing drinking alcohol in taverns.

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COFFEE HOUSES HISTORY - Coffee house attracted different kind of clients, scholars met in “The Grecian”, The Whigs frequented “Jame’s coffee houses" and the Tories “Tree chocolate house”. So coffee houses were center of literary, social and political life. Guarda anche Appunti sull'Augustan age