Emma: breve riassunto in inglese

breve riassunto del romanzo "Emma" di Jane Austen (2 pagine formato doc)

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Emma: breve riassunto in inglese - Emma is an English motherless young woman who lives in Regency's time with her father Mr.

Woodhouse, an hypochondriac lord very fond of his daughter;
Mr Knightley, instead, is Emma's brother-in-law (major brother of the husband of Isabella, Emma's sister).
The novel opens with the marriage of lady Taylor, Emma's friend and housekeeper and Mr Weston: a successfully marriage strongly wanted by Emma, who, feeling to be a gifted matchmaker, decides to combine another marriage.

Emma: trama

Despite contrary opinions, Emma tries to combine the marriage between her new friend, Harriet Smith, a cute adolescent girl, and Mr Elton, a vicar.
In order to combine this marriage Emma forces Harriet to refuse the marriage proposal of Mr Martin, a young farmer, but her plane fails when Emma discovers that Mr Elton indeed wants to marry her, in spite of Harriet.
After Emma's refusal of marry him, Mr Elton, leaves for a holiday, and Harriet falls in a sort of depression despite Emma's support.
An interesting development for Emma is the arrive of Frank Churchill, Mrs Westson's stepson, who is interested in her, but who later on comes back to the village bringing his wife with him, thus arousing the jealousy of Emma.

Emma: riassunto

In the same time Jane Fairfax turned backcomes back also to the village too.Jane Fairfax,The girl is nephew of Miss Bates’ niece, and being a very talented capacious musician,causes  which triggers a spark of envy in Emma.