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riassunto e tematiche dell'opera di William Shakespeare, Amleto (2 pagine formato doc)

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HAMLET RIASSUNTO - Hamlet: domande e risposte - Hamlet.

A play of William Shakespeare. Who is Hamlet? - Hamlet is a young prince, son of the King of Denmark, that wants to avenge the death of his father. He has noble and chivalric  values, he believes in his own ideals of loyalty and honest.
But despite this he is unable to act, he can’t decide which can be the right solution of his problems. He wonders what is “nobler in the mind”, to suffer or take arms against a sea of troubles (a metaphor that symbolizes his big inner turmoil). He is unaware of the world that surrounds him and he use “nobler” and not “more convenient”.

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HAMLET, RIASSUNTO IN INGLESE - The first line: “To be or not to be” - There are a lot of interpretations of this line. Of course the basic questions is: to kill or not to kill (his uncle Claudius, the guilty of his father’s murder), to face the problems or not, but indeed “to be” means “to enforce his own ideals”, “not to be” means “become someone different from himself”. The real question Hamlet asks is if “acting” is the right solution.

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HAMLET, RIASSUNTO E TEMATICHE - “To die, to sleep; perchance to dream” - By meditating, he arrives in a peaceful world, away from the problems he can’t face. He is afraid of death, "the undiscovered country" from which no travel has ever returned, and so he think to another solution, less definitive, a sleep. Leggi anche Trama della tragedia di Shakespeare: Hamlet

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