Invasioni Britanniche

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The early history of Britain and its people is marked by a repeated pattern of invasions, conquest and settlement.
Defeated native populations were not displaced but became incorporated by the new rulers, which led to a partial mixing of the cultures, religions and material practices. The first population which  conquered Britain was the Celts. The Celts first appeared in Britain around the year 700 BC. Originating from the north-west of Germany. Celtic priests were Druids and they also filled the roles of judge, doctor, diviner, mystic and scholar. Druids gathered in the forests where they held their ceremonies. In legend Druids are described as possessing magical powers such as prophesy, control of the weather and curing illness.
The Celts were a pagan who worshipped the elements: the sun and the moon, rivers, trees and stones, all of which were believed to have “souls”. Water in particular was considered the most important life-generating element. The Celts believed in the immortality of the soul. Their places of worship included numerous stone circles like Stonehenge, a group of enormous blue stones placed in concentric circles. Stonehenge was an ancient temple and an astronomical observatory. After the Celts, the Roman began to conquest Britain in the year 55 BF with Julius Caesar, but under the reign of Emperor Claudius the Romans really occupied Britain. The Romans introduced a literate culture into Britain and built roads, fortifications, baths, amphitheatres and towns. Roman towns had running water and the houses had a drainage system, heating devices and water supply. The economic system based on a money economy and trade.