Appunti scritti in lingua inglese. Un breve riassunto su Jhon Donne e su "the sun rising" (1 pagine formato doc)

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JHON DONNE JHON DONNE One of Shakspear's contemporaries, Jhon Donne is the most rappresentative of the metaphisical poets.he operates a revoltuion in poetry refusing all the traditional and conventional images typical of the petrarchian, pastoral, renanissance poetry.
He may be defined an “intelletual”poet in the sense that passion and feelings are always filtered through his intellect before becoming poetic images. His main themes are love and death.one of the most important feature of metaphisical poetry is the use of conceits wichh are unconventional startling images wich drow inspiration from the natural, scientific and realistic world. Metaphisical poetry reflects the crisis of the renaissance man: he looks for a new trhuth and dimension and he tries to give voice to chaotic experience that is ordinary life:his poetry is difficult because life is chaotic irregualr, difficult.
THE SUN RISING At the beginning he addresses the sun using an insulting,angry,scornful tone. When he speacks of the women he is content proud and sensual. The only conventional image he uses, referring to the woman. Is the one of the eyes. Some images draw inspiration from geography:they convey the idea of the woman as a soveregn and so mostly important to man; she's also an object of discovery. He also uses exaggereted images or hyperboles: “all states, all princes” “thou sun art half as happy as we” “ this bed thy center is” The walls thy sphere. In the last four lines there is a metaphysical argument: the duty of the sun is to warm the world “we are the world “ bywarming the lovers, the sun warms the whole world. The last line draws an astronomy: donne wants to say that the lovers' bed is like the earth, in the centre of the universe and the walls are its orbit.