Lawrence and Sons and Lovers

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Life and works
Lawrence was born in a mining village in 1885.
His father was a miner, but he was an handsome man and an exellent dancer and he attracted a woman of a higher class, a schoolteacher. Their marriage was short and, dissatisfied with her husband, who become a drinker, she encouraged her children to advance beyond their restrictive environment. David, in fact, studied hard to become a teacher and begun to write novels. His first novel was the White Peacock. 
When his brother Ernest died, David became most important for his mother. 

The story of their love is told in the autobiographical novel Sons and Lovers. Then he fell in love with a German  woman and wrote The Rainbow and Women in love.
During the 1920s he travelled throught the world and he died in France.
Several of his novels were banned by the censors, like The Rainbow and Women in Love, but later he could publish unabridged in Great Britain and in the USA only in the 1960s.