Riassunto su Emily Bronte e Wuthering Heights

Questi riassunti trattano la vita privata e lavorativa dell'autrice. Inoltre, è presente una profonda descrizione ed analisi della sua unica opera: Cime Tempestose (2 pagine formato doc)

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Riassunto su Emily Bronte e Wuthering Heights - The Victorian Age:
Emily Bronte

Life - Emily Bronte was born in 1818 in Yorkshire.
As all her sisters, she was educated at home; another thing in common with them was the interest in writing. Suddenly, she died because of tuberculosis, in 1848, at the age of 30 years.
Differently from her sisters, Emily composed only one novel: “Wuthering Heights”, published one year before her death.

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Wuthering Heights: The plot - This novel begins with Lockwood (the new owner of Thruschross Grange), who is searching for a safe place where staying, during a storm.                              
He is hosted into Wuthering Heights (an old house in moorland, in Yorkshire), from the ancient servant Nelly

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During the night, he has a nightmare: he sees the ghost of a young woman called Cathy, who asks him to let her in his room, opening the window. The next day, Lockwood tells Nelly what happened; so that, she starts telling him the story of the Earnshaws, last owners of Wuthering Heights.
Nelly tells him about Mr. Earnshaws, who adopted a wild boy with him, calling him Heatcliff; this one grows up together with Mr. Earnshaws’s children, Cathy and Hindley.                                                  

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After some years, Heatcliff falls in love with Cathy and she feels the same; but, while on one hand she would like to marry his true love, on the other one, she would like to affirm herself in society.