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Life and works
He was born near London in 1929 from a lower middle class family; he was educated at a boarding school in Devonshire, where he developed his passion for the plays.
In 1956 he wrote his first play, “Look Back in Anger”, about rebellion against traditional mores, was played in theatres and it was also made a film with Richard Burton in the leading role.
This play represents a watershed between the old and the new British theatre; the protagonist is Jimmy, an “Angry Young Man” raging against all middle-class values and social injustices.

Look Beck in Anger
Jimmy Porter is the main character and he represents the frustrated British youth of the 1950s. He lives with his colleague and uneducated friend Cliff and they work together in a stall in a market.
Jimmy is married with Alison, the daughter of a retired colonel in the British Army in India, on whom he rivers his violence and his complaints. When she discovers to be pregnant, she is unable to tell this to him, so she decides to leave him. She will come back only when she loss the baby by miscarriage and the situation returns as the beginning.

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