Testo in inglese con traduzione. L'inghilterra nel periodo anglosassone: organizzazione politica e culturale (3 pagine formato doc)

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When the Roman power collapsed some Germanic tribes invaded Britain destroying the Roman British towns. They were illiterate and warriors.
The invaders came from three Germanic tribes: the Angles, the Saxons and the Jutes.

The Jutes settled in Kent and along the South coast; the Angles in the East and in the north Midlands; the Saxons between the Angles and the Jutes. The Anglo-Saxons gave also the name to their new land. In fact, England means land of the Angles. The influence of Anglo-Saxon culture is evident.

They established seven kingdoms, the Heptarchy
: East Anglia, Essex, Kent, Mercia, Northumbria, Sussex and Wessex.
Mercia, Northumbria and Wessex were the most powerful. During the 7th century the Christianisation took place.

At the end of 6th century S. Augustine was sent to England to bring Christianity; so the Celtic monks left their monasteries to teach Christianity. Soon monasteries became important centres of culture and churches around England were planted.

Then, pirates called Vikings, coming from Norway and Denmark arrived and invaded England.