David Copperfield: riassunto

riassunto del romanzo "David Copperfield" di Charles Dickens (2 pagine formato doc)

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David Copperfield: riassunto - David Copperfield was born in a poor family.

His father dead before he was born, and his mother was very unhappy. Until the age of eight, he was very happy. Then his mother married Mr Murdstone, that hate him, and influenced his mother in order he don't help David. 2. David had to study with his parents but the stepfather beat him, so he couldn't learn anything. He was sent in a school, where he was very unhappy, because he worried his teachers. During Christmas holidays he came back to his house, but the stepfather hated him much more, so he was pleased when he returned to the school. His mother had a second child, and it was the last time he son her.

David Copperfield: riassunto in inglese

3. During his birthday he noticed that his mother was died. He went to his house for the funeral. His stepfather sent away the servant, who loved David a lot. He went with her, but then she married, so David had to go to London to work, even if he was ten years hold. He lived in the house of a poor middle-class man, but he had many debt so he was taken into prison. When he was free, he went in another country, so David was again alone, and continued to work. He decided to met his father's aunt. 4. A man rubbed the clothes of David and his money, so he had to go to Dover, where his aunt lived , on food. When he arrived, the aunt decided to adopt him. He passed here many year and ha was happy.

David Copperfield: trama

Then he went to school until he was seventeen, and he studied everything that his teachers could teach him. After the school he decided to begin a travel round the country like a young gentleman. 5. He went to London where he met an old friend. They went to met David's old servant Peggotty, and they enjoyed some weeks together. He returned to London and decided to study in order to became a lawyer. He organised a party with the old friend and he drunk a lot; Agnes, who knew David, advised him to break the friendship with that old friend.