The last of the Mohicans: riassunto del film

breve riassunto in lingua inglese del film tratto dal romanzo "L'ultimo dei Mohicani" (1 pagine formato doc)

Appunto di wilemo

The last of the Mohicans: riassunto del film - Daniel Day Lewis plays the part of Hawkeye.

Hawkeye's mother and father were British Colonists. When the Indians killed them, Chingachgook, an Indian chief from the Mohican tribe, saved their son. He looked after him and called him Hawkeye. It is the year 1757. Hawkeye is still living with the Indians, and France is fighting England for the area where the Indians live.

L'ultimo dei mohicani: riassunto

Hawkeye must fight for his life, his land and his people. Then Hawkeye meets a woman, Cora Munroe.
She is the daughter of a British officer, Captain Munroe, who is fighting the French. Hawkeye saves her from the Indians who wanted to kill her. Cora falls in love with Hawkeye and he falls in love with her. It's a story of love and adventure!