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Macbeth: breve riassunto, analisi e commento in inglese della tragedia di William Shakespeare (1 pagine formato doc)

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MacbethWilliam Shakespeare. This play is a very complicated war tragedy.

It talks about vehement men and crimes.
Macbeth is a middle ages Scottish noble. One day, coming back from a battle in which he earned king’s grace, he met three witches who told him that he will become king.
Macbeth, since he listened to the soothsaying, he had already figured king Duncan’s murder because he was still sane and he had also two sons. Even thought at the beginning he was very hesitant, his wife lady Macbeth, who seemed to have a stronger will, pushed him to make the homicide. Duncan’s sons left the country for suspects over them and Macbeth, the next heir, took the throne. Unfortunately this first crime drags with itself a chain of other crimes, bringing Macbeth to ruin and death. Witches told also that even if he became king no one of his sons would succeed to the crown, which will go to Banquo’s heirs.

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Macbeth made Banquo killed, but his son could flee away. The witches told Macbeth also to beware of Macduff, so he tried to make Macduff killed but he fled too. Through an unrelenting chain of events Mac-beth become, from brave and not wicked at all, to the classic figure of the tyrant prey of terror, hated and feared, obsessed by betrayal and rebellion fear. His condition forced him to become more and more cruel with the passing of time.
Finally the rebellion burst and Macduff and Malcolm, Duncan’s son, invaded Scotland leading an English army. Witches made also another soothsaying, which seemed to guarantee to Macbeth the immunity; but when he understood the real meaning of the soothsaying he abandoned all the hopes and died fighting with Macduff, how he knew since the beginning.

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The play of Macbeth represents the depravation of virtue and courage, it talks about the useless ambition that brings to desolation, death and blood spreading. Macbeth’s story is very near to the common experi-ence. Everybody, who less and who much more, behaved similarly to Macbeth and with analogue conse-quences. Macbeth is the story of anyone that picks some wretched suitability to take profits or to become more important. Men believe that an action could remain isolated but, how Macbeth discovers, a crime brings another crime, the first to improve oneself, the other for self defense.
The character I liked more is lady Macbeth because she knew how to be over her husband, she was the mind of all the successful actions that Macbeth did. Macbeth, without his wife, died in the battle; he lost against Malcolm and Macduff, the men that before he made flee. But Lady Macbeth is also very ambitious, strong-willed, determined and pitiless. She tells to Macbeth it is easy to commit the deed when he is a coward, she will consider the killing of Duncan as a love proof.

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