Romeo and Juliet

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The setting of the story is Verona, an Italian city, where for years two important families, the Montagues and the Capulet, hate each other very much without even knowing why.
Romeo, son and heir of the Montagues family, loves the beautiful Rosalina and he doesn’t care about Benevolio’s and Mercuzio’s jokes. Capulet, the chief of the rival family is ready to give a big party in order to let his daughter, Juliet, meet the earl of Paris. This one in fact has asked her to marry him and Juliet’s parents are in favour of this marriage. Romeo – who thinks to find there Rosalina – goes without invitation with his friends Benevolio and Mercuzio at this costume party. As soon as he sees Juliet he is stricken by her beauty and falls desperately in love with her: it’s love at first sight.
He approaches her and hugs her twice than he goes away. Romeo and Juliet find out their identity. Desperate they realize that the have fallen in love with their worst enemy. After dawn, Romeo hides himself in the Capulet’s garden...