Animal farm di George Orwell: scheda libro in inglese

Scheda libro del romanzo Animal farm di George Orwell: riassunto, descrizione dei personaggi, ambientazione e tematiche (7 pagine formato doc)

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Animal farm, George Orwell.

Animal Farm is one of the most famous book of the English writer George Orwell. Published in 1944, the book  was started from 1937 , but only in 1943 achieved a real form.
Plot: he animal of the Manor Farm, mistreats and exploits from the agriculture farm manager Jones, came to know (of) Old Major’s dream, an old and wise boar. The dream spoke about a time in which animals will free, creators of their destiny, without the interference  and human’s exploitation.
Old Major died, but his dream is keeping alive by pigs like Napoleon and Snowball. A day, urged by anger and hunger, animals, leaded by the two pigs, rebelled and expelled from farm Mr Jones and his collaborators. .The animals changed farm’s name in animal farm, and created seven commandments inspired from Old major’s dream, to whom decided to obey. The seventh and most important is "all animals are equal."
Napoleon took care of the education of some puppy, isolated from other animals. They costituted his secret police. But developed conflicts between Napoleon and Snowball, in fact Snowball wanted to extend revolution also to other farms, while Napoleon is annoy because he’d like to rule alone. Meanwhile animals toiled together, took like inspiration Boxer’s great efforts, which motto is: "I must work more." They found study very difficult and largely of they abandoned these. Jones, helped by neighbouring farm, tried to take again his farm, but he came defeat in Cowshed’s battle, managed by Snawball. The final conflict between Napoleon and Snawball was when Snawball convinced animals of need to build a windmill that supplied electricity to farm.


Napoleon accused him to betray revolution and with his secret police’ help, forced him to flee. Took on total control of the farm, Napoleon proved to be a boss most cruel than Mr Jones. Began the construction of the windmill , that was presented like a Napoleon’s idea. Arrived a storm that destroyed the windmill, but Squealer, salesman of Napoleon, told animals that was a sabotage made by Snawball. Seven commandment were rewrite and then eliminated. In the end remained the one that declared: “All animals are equal, but  some are most equal than others”. Napoleon and other pigs started to deal with humans, took on their attitudes and their behaviours, which had despised and condemned in revolution’s time. They sold timber to Frederick, one of the contiguous factor, but he paid their with forged money and then he attacked the farm. Animals defeated Frederick and his men, but they suffered. Meanwhile pigs became most corrupts and most e similar to men. The novel finished with Napoleon and his gang that playing card with other factory in Jones’ house. During  a toast Napoleon strayed from all revolution’s ideals,  condemned these. When then exploded a quarrel for the card, the animals undernourished that saw disturbed the scene from the window they don’t  succeeded to distinguish men from pigs. Old major’s dream was converted in a nightmare.

La fattoria degli animali: riassunto breve


The story, as in old fairy tales of Esopo and Fedro had like protagonist some animals, can be read as an allegory of Russian revolution, in which every event and every characters coincided to an accurate event or character of historical reality. Besides, as in all fairy tales, also this had a moral.
Main characters:
Old Major
Old Major represent both Marx and Lenin, in sense that he introduce the most important theory and ideals on which revolution had to base.  A Marxist theory express by Old Major is that animal’s work produced most values than the one that in necessary for his maintenance, and the surplus is stolen by the parasite man.


Napoleon. Napoleon represent in many way Stalin. Still, like many suggest, he has characteristics in common with many historical’ s dictators. Despite he hasn’t moral scruples, he has quality for which he emerge compared  with  other pigs, also before the revolution. Napoleon is a political  opportunist, which cruel determination compensate for intelligence’s lack, as in many dictators.