Classic detective stories: riassunto

The five orange pips, Hunted down, The Stir outside the Café Royal, The Oracle of the dog: riassunto in inglese delle storie poliziesche classiche (6 pagine formato doc)

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Title: The five orange pips
Editor House: CIDEB        
Colour: Blue (Elementary-READING & TRAINING)              
Characters: Sherlock Holmes (Arthur Conan Doyle): He is a principal character of the story.

He is a private detective very famous. He is a man with about 50 years old. He is an intelligent man.
Dr Watson: He is the best friend of Sherlock Holmes.
He is the assistant of the private detective.
John Openshaw: He is a young man with about 22 years old.
Elias: He is uncle of John. He was a Colonel in Confederate army.
Joseph: He is a father of John.
Major Freebody: He is an old friend of Joseph.
Personal Comment:  This is an interesting story. My favourite character is Sherlock Holmes because he is intelligent and because he helps the people in great danger. The author, Arthur Conan Doyle, write the story very well...   
Language: It is simple, but very effective
Plot: In a windy and rainy evening a man rang the bell of Sherlock Holmes‘s flat in Baker Street. He was Mr Openshaw. Mr Openshaw told to Sherlock Holmes his problem. His uncle, Elias, was a Colonel in the Confederate army. When the South was defeated, my uncle Elias returned in Florida. He came back to England some years ago. He bought a house in Horsham. Mr Openshaw went many times but a day Elias received an envelope with into 5 orange pips and with written the letters KKK on the flap. Elias changed after that day and he died when seven weeks. Joseph, the father of John, came to live in the house in Horsham at the beginning of 1884 and one morning received an envelope with into 5 orange pips. Then he went to stay with Major Freebody and also Joseph died. Few days ago also John received the envelope with into 5 orange pips.

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Gave to Sherlock Holmes a piece of blue paper. Holmes read it:
4th Hudson came. some old platform.
7th Sent the pips to Mc Cauley,
Parmore, and John Swain of
St. Augustine.
9th Mc Cauley clear.
10th John Swain clear
12th Visited Paramore. All well
Sherlock Holmes said to John Openshaw that must go house immediately. Holmes and Watson consulted the American Encyclopaedia and found out that was the Ku Klux Klan. They used the orange pips for warn the victim. They found out that Elias was a member of the organisation. He was carrying the Ku Klux Klan’s papers that were the reason for the organisation’s sudden collapse. The next morning Holmes read on the newspaper that John was died. Holmes found that the member of Ku Klux Klan wrote the envelope on Lone Star’s ship. Sherlock Holmes sent a envelope with 5 orange pips to captain of Lone Star, but the murderers of John never received the five orange pips because the Lone Star sank in a night of storm.