A farewell to Arms-Summary

Riassunto in inglese e descrizione dei personaggi principali. del libro Addio alle armi (2 pagine formato doc)

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The story is set during World War I.
The main character is Henry, a German ambulance driver enlisted in the Italian army.

After his leave in Italy, he goes to the frontand he meets, thanks to his roommate Rinaldi, Catherine Barkley, a British nurse who worked in the British hospital. During their second visit the two kissed but Catherine recognized Henry didn’t love her at all and he was just playing a “rotten game”, in fact he was only looking for a casual relationship with her.

The offensive started again and Henry was sent to the front to drive the wounded to the hospital. Henry and his squad mates stopped in a dugout and started talking about their disgust towards the war.
At that time there was a bombing raid; some of them died but only Henry’s legs were wounded. At the hospital, Rinaldi was the first to visit Henry and they talked about the silver medal which Henry had won thanks to his brave deed. Subsequently the priest came to visit him and they discussed the happiness achieved from being in love, a feeling which Henry had never felt.

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Henry was moved to the new American hospital in Milan where he was seen to by several inept doctors who, after inspecting his legs, stated he had to wait six months before being operated on. Henry refused their recommendation and another surgeon, Valentini, said he could operate on his legs the next morning. The operation succeeded and then Catherine visited him in the hospital, they admitted the love they felt for each other and laid together.