Moby Dick di Melville: recensione libro

Moby Dick: recensione in inglese del libro di Herman Melville. Trama, personaggi, ambientazione, stile, narrazione e commento (2 pagine formato pdf)

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Moby Dick, Herman Melville
Title: Moby Dick.
Author: Herman Melville (1st August 1819- 28th September 1891) was one of the most important American
During his life he made a lot of jobs like shop assistant in a shop of one of his brother, employee in his uncle's firm and teacher and so on.

He worked also on a ship and made many voyages on boat: this adventure inspires a lot of his novel as Moby Dick, Taipi, Omoo, Redburn.
He wrote many tales and many poetries too.
Adaptation by: H.
Q. Mitchell
Publishing house:
Genre: Adventure fiction.

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Plot: The tale begins introducing the protagonist, a very young smart sailor, Ishmael. He's just arrived in Nantucket, because he wanted to join in the crew of a whaleboat. During the night he had to sleep in the same room of a very strange man: the harpooner Queequeg. Their first met wasn't very great,
because each of them was afraid of the other, but they became early friends. Then, after a long search for the best whaleboat, they embarked on the Pequod, lead by a man, that, for a strange person that the two friends had met in Nantucket's harbor, is insane: Captain Ahab.
The first men they met were the two mates Starbucks and Stubb, that led the embarking. After that the Pequod set out. After few hours appeared Captain Ahab, a man obsessed by the figure of a white sperm whale, Moby Dick, that chewed up his leg some years ago. During this journey in the Pacific
Ocean, they caught many whales and met many other whaleboats but only at the end of the trip understood it brought to the death. In fact Ahab ignored the advice of the other boat, returning from a sad met with the monster, certain he could kill it. But when they met the whale they fought for
three days but at the end, Moby Dick won on the crew of the Pequod. The only man that survive at the monster's fury was Ishmael, saved by a ship they met some day ago. 

Recensione di Moby Dick di Melville


Characters: The most important characters are three, while on the background there are many others people, a few less important:
Ishmael: he is the protagonist and also the narrator. Many times, during the story, he disappears to give us the possibility to have an objective vision of the situation, while others he explains his point of view. He tells nothing about him: we can only understand some sides of his character.
Captain Ahab: he leads all the crew of the Pequod to his obsession, Moby Dick and also to the death. Melville describes him as a determined man, that dream the revenge on the whale that had chewed up his leg and humiliated him.
Moby Dick: he is a monster, inspirited by the Mocha Dick, a white whale killed in 1830. We can considerate the whale both victim and killer, because he is the object of Ahab's revenge, and escaping from him he murdered all the Pequod's crew (excepted Ishmael).

Moby Dick di Melville: riassunto e personaggi


The other most important protagonists are Queequeg, the first friend Ishmael met in his voyage, the mates, Starbucks and Stubb: the first, is very careful and brave, the first that don't allow his captain plain, while the second more indifferent than the first mate. The last protagonist we met his Fedallah, a strange man, probably coming from India. He follows Ahab like a shadow and he predicts the sadly end of the Pequod.