Mrs Dalloway: riassunto in inglese e analisi

Mrs Dalloway: riassunto e analisi in inglese del romanzo di Virginia Woolf (1 pagine formato doc)

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di Virginia Woolf. Mrs. Dalloway is the most important Woolf’s novel. It is a modern novel because she wants to express the inner world of characters. The protagonist is Clarissa Dalloway, a wife of Richard Dalloway, a Member of Parliament. Clarissa a day goes to buy some flowers for a party, that she‘s organizing. During the street odors, noises remember to Clarissa events of the pass.
She is in anxiety for this party, she is fragile, is insecure. While she is in a flower shop a car driven noisily, shifts the attention to the street, where Septimus and Lucrezia Smith are walking. When she returned at home received a visit from Peter Walsh, her old boyfriend. When he leaves Clarissa’s house goes to Park where meets Septimus who is going to Sir Bradshaw, a doctor that said to Septimus that he must go to clinic to nurse his mental illness. So Septimus jump out of a window and commit suicide. In the evening during Clarissa’s party, Bradshaw arrive by the new of septimus’s death, that brought Clarissa to reflect on death and to feel a connection with Septimus.


The story took place in a small area of London, on a single day. There isn’t a chronological time, are intermingle past, present and future. The time is both objective and subjective. Objective time is given by clock, noise of cars, the flowers, the street… and it’s expresses by third person. Subjective time given by activity of mind, by stream of thoughts and emotions, moments of being (memories that return in mind when lessens a noise, smell odor…) and it’s expresses by first person and the interior monologue. So the omniscient narrator disappears. The plot is tenuous, is useful to remember pass events of characters, it’s useful to put moments of being. Clarissa conceals a profound dissatisfaction, inability, anxiety, insecurity behind the fact that she continues to give party, this inability reflects itself also in sensuality, in Clarissa’s rigidity. Septimus is a man that suffered mental illness after the shock of the death of his best friend during the war. He isn’t able to insert himself in the society, and this inability reflected itself in Septimus’s importance.


Clarissa and Septimus are in common: their emotional, her dependence from Richard for stability, his dependence upon Lucrezia for protection. Their marriages are founded on need and no on love; Clarissa’s fragility and Septimus’s impotence. But the difference between Clarissa and Septimus is that inability of Septimus brought he to commit suicide, he isn’t able to distinguish between external reality and his personal mind, thoughts; instead Clarissa accepts the idea of death and to go on.