The curious accident of the dog in the night time

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CHARACTERS CHARACTERS A several number of characters gravitate around Christopher.
Above all Christopher's father He is the most patient with Ch. , even if his manner is gruff at times. He loves Ch. Unconditionally and that's why he quickly forbids Ch. to not obey him and to violate his prohibition. The relation father/son is very strong indipendently by Ch.'s mind problems that prevent them to demostrating openly this tie(fingers in a fan as a hug). He's very calm in his reactions in relation to Ch. particular behavior(red cars=good day, dislike to yellow and brown things...). In spite of all he is very responsable and in genera he is very able in growing up Ch.
On the other side there is Chistopher's mother. At the beginning, we know that she's dead but with the evolution of the event we discover that she is still alive but she is gone to London to live with her lover: Mr Shears. In this circumstance she dimostrated her irresponsability prefering her own happiness in spite Ch.'s one. Her pression about being the mother of an autistic boy is understandable but her flight from this situation is unforgivable. She is surely immature and egoist but she loves Ch. very very much but in her own way. She is described by Ch. like “ a small person who smelt nice” Siobhan is Ch.'s teacher. She is a important positive character that helps Ch. during his adventure. We could define her a sort of Jimmy cricket/know-all.She tries to give Ch. good advices and to encourage him in what he does(writing the book). Ch. trusts Siobhan and he usually listens to her. There are other three smaller cherachters but equally important: Mrs Shears: Ch.'s neighbour, She `s really kind, especially the period after Ch.'s mother's leave. For Ch. she is a very good person also because she loves animals and for him this is a big plus. Mr Shears: Mrs Shears' ex-husband, he is described like a bad person because he hurt Mrs Shears. Mrs Alexander: She's a kind-old woman, very funny and this character is very importante for the development of the history because is she that reveals Cristopher his mother's affair with Mr Shears. LANGUAGE The language is simple and reslistic (FRASE SARA) The peculiarity of this book is large use of drawings that stresses the chilsish aspect of narrator(Christopher). The use of times is splitted in two: past verbs are used for the developpment of the history and present verbs are usedin the digressions. THEMES In this book there are two main plots: the crime history and the history of Christopher. The history of Christopher could be divided in several important themes. The main themes are: Christopher' s autism syndrome, his inward growth and finally the relationship with his parents. Christopher is a very strange boy, becausehe knows a very great deal about human beings. He loves lists, patterns and he hates that people tells him lies, he hates also the colours yellow and brown, but he likes very much red. He has this idea of colours because