The tempest: riassunto in inglese

The tempest: riassunto in inglese dell'opera teatrale in cinque atti scritta da William Shakespeare (2 pagine formato doc)

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The tempest di William Shakespeare.

The Tempest is write in 1611 and it is one of Shakespeare romantic comedy. The play treats the film theme of forgiveness and is set in a fairy-tale atmosphere of a magic island, magic power and spirits.
many character have symbolic relevance: Prospero, the main character. is a good magician, he was the Duke of Milan who has been dethroned by his brother Antonio and he was turned adrift to sea with his daughter Miranda, a sensitive and pity-full girl. They reach an isolate island where the witch Sycorax lives. Thanks to magic power, Prospero frees several spirits imprisoned by the witch. They include Ariel who, together with the witch’s son Calibano, serves Prospero. They lived on the island for 12 years, until Prospero, by means of his magic power, wrecks a ship off the coast of the island. On board there is Antonio, Alonso, the king of Naples, and his son Ferdinando. The passengers are all saved but believe Ferdinando has perished and he thinks the same of them. In accordance with Prospero’s plans, Ferdinando and Miranda fall in love. After various events, adventures and conspiracies, Antonio repents and reconciles himself with Prospero. The ship is magically repaired and all embark on it for Italy.


SOUND DEVICES - The sound devices are typical features of poetry witch give a musicality. They are the alliteration (repetition of the same consonant sound at the beginning of words that are next or close to each other), the assonance (repetition of a vowel sound with a different end consonant), the consonance (repetition of the end consonant with a different vowel sound)the onomatopoeia (creation and use of words which imitate the sound that they describe), the rhyme (identity of sound in a final syllables of words), the internal rhyme(two rhyming words appearing within the same line), the rhythm (the pulse that gives a particular sense of movement and is meant to appeal to the ear as well as to reinforce meaning), the repetition (a unifying device between sound and meaning) and the enjambement (the grammatical continuation from one line to the next.
MEANING DEVICES - To appreciate a poem a vital contribution is given by the meaning devices. They are the simile (a figure of speech in which one thing is said to be like another, the words like or as are always used), the metaphor (a implied comparison describing one thing as being another) and the personification (endows animals, objects or inanimate entities with human characteristics).

La tempesta di Shakespeare: riassunto in inglese