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As You Like It

William Shakespeare

As you like it is a pastoral comedy divided into five acts written by William Shakespeare between the 1599 or early 1600.
The only source for the text of this play it is the folio of 1623 in which the opera has been first published.
Nobody has ever suggested that this copy derives directly from Shakespeare's own draft or foul papers but there is to say it's a text full of his typical spellings. The punctuation is profuse and intensive, stage directions are brief imperatives. Everything let us think of a transcript by a playhouse scribe.
We never know the right date of the first rappresentation; however, it's probably been performed at Wilton House. Shakespeare's based for this strenuous work mainly on Rosalynde (1590), a prose romance by Thomas Lodge.

"As you like it" is carefully divided into acts and scenes, with a meticulousness not always observed in prompt copy. After an initial uncertainty, speech headings are remarkably consistent. The banished Duke, whom the author forgot the name, is distinguished as Duke Senior. The play has two principal settings: the court that Frederick has usurped from his older brother, the rightful Duke (who has been banished), and the Forest of Arden, where the Duke and his followers are now living. Rosalind, the Duke's daughter, who is still at court thanks to her friendship with Celia, the only daughter of Frederick, falls in love with Orlando. The latter's hateful brother, Oliver, causes him to flee to Arden also. Frederick, upon learning that Orlando's father was the Duke's friend, banishes Rosalind, who decides to escape with her friend. During the exile Rosalind assumes the guise of a young man (Ganymede) and pursues Orlando, promising him a cure for lovesickness by means of a feigned courtship...