George Orwell and "Animal farm"

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analisi di "Animal farm" e qualche cenno della vita dell'autore (3 pagine formato doc)

The Author: George Orwell was born in India in 1903, and his real name was Eric Blair. When he was a child, he moved to England with his parents. His school days were sad, due to loneliness, physical discomfort and a rigid discipline. Then, he attended Eton, where he began to profess atheism and socialism. After the University, he moved to Burma to join Indian Imperial Police from 1922 to 1927. In 1928 he went to Paris and stayed there for 18 months. When he returned to India, Blair decided to publish his works under the pseudonym of George Orwell. In December 1936 Orwell went to Catalonia to report on the Spanish Civil War, and then he joined the militia of the POUM (Workers Party of Marxist Unification). In 1941 he moved to London and in 1943 he became literary editor of “Tribune”, a socialist weekly. Throughout these years, he began to write “Animal Farm”, which he completed in 1944(but it was published in 1945). The most famous Orwell's book is “Nineteen Eighty-Four”, his last work; it was published in 1949 and a year later George Orwell died. His main works: Burmese Days (1934) Shooting an Elephant and A Hanging (1950) Down and out in Paris and London (1933) Keep the Apidistra Flying (1936) Homage to Catalonia (1938) Animal Farm (1945) 1984 (1949) Summary: Mr. Jones is the owner of the Manor Farm; on night, all the animals gathered around the pig Major, which incites them to rebel against Mr. Jones. A few days later, an animals revolution broke out because Mr. Jones forgot to feed them; so, they chased him away. All the animals were very happy and they began to organize a self-sufficient society, they wrote the Seven Commandments of the new Animal Farm on a wall and sang the song “Beasts of England” a lot of time. But some pigs decided to take command of the farm: Napoleon proclaim himself as the boss, Snowball and Squealer were his assistant. Snowball and Napoleon quarrelled for everything, so when the first decided to build a windmill, Napoleon chased it away because it was a cheat. Day by day, Napoleon became bad: it obliged the animals to work more and more and gave them very little food; Squealer persuaded them that the boss did only what was necessary. Then, they began to trade on the outside through Mr. Whymper. Step by step, in the Animal Farm a dictatorship headed by Napoleon started, a lot of animals were killed and the pigs took human customs and, most of all, semblances; in fact, they learnt to go on two legs. (214 words) Main characters: Mr Jones: he's the owner of the farm; he's very violent and he's drunk very often; the animals rebelled against humans because he had forgotten to feed them. After the first attempt to reconquer his farm, he abandoned it definitively Old Major(pig): it diffused the idea of animal rebellion, because men were too bad with the animals and they wanted to be free from every restriction Napoleon (pig): clever and ambitious, it became the boss of the far