The black cat: riassunto e analisi

Riassunto e analisi del racconto The black cat (Il gatto nero) di Edgar Allan poe (3 pagine formato doc)

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The Black Cat di Edgar Allan Poe. The narrator is going to tell us about a series of mere household events which have terrified, have destroyed him.

Tomorrow he dies and today he would unburthen his soul. Hereafter, some intellect may be found.
Since he was a child, he was noted for his docility. He liked animals and with these he spent most of his time.
He and his wife had birds, gold fish, a fine dog, rabbits, a small monkey and a black cat called Pluto.
The cat was his favourite pet. Their friendship lasted for several years, during which the narrator’s character changed.
He used intemperate language to his wife, he made non scruple of maltreating the rabbits, the monkey or the dog. The cause for this radical change was the alcohol.
One night, returning home much intoxicated, he fancied that the cat avoided his presence. He seized him; when Pluto inflicted a slight wound upon his hand. He cut one of its eyes from the socket with a pen-knife.

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Afterwards he felt into horror and remorse and he again plunged into excess like wine.
Then came the spirit of PERVERSENESS. This is one of the primitive impulses of the human heart. It was this unfathomable longing of the soul to vex itself.
One morning he slipped a noose around its neck and hung it. On the night of this day, he was aroused from sleep by the cry of fire. The curtains of his bed were in flames. The destruction was complete. The next day he visited the home. The walls, except one, had fallen. This exception was stood about the middle of the house, and against it had rested the narrator’s bed.
The plastering had here resisted to the action of the fire and he attributed this fact to its having been recently spread. Upon this wall there was the figure of a gigantic cat,
The narrator tries to find an explanation: someone of the crowd may have cut the cat from the tree and thrown into the camber to arouse him from sleep. The falling of the wall had compressed the head of the cat into the freshly-spread plaster.
For months the man cannot forget the image of the cat in the wall. During this time he begins to regret the loss of his cat Pluto, and to look for similar pet to take the cat’s place.

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One night the narrator sees a black cat in a tavern. It looks like Pluto except for an indefinite white spot on this chest. It follows him home. At first he likes the cat, for it is quite affectionate. But his attitude changes; tension builds up and grows to hatred, caused in part by the narrator’s discovery that, like Pluto, the new cat has lost an eye.
The narrator, only because of his terrors about his first cat, restrains himself from doing the new cat harm. But to his horror, the white patch of fur on his new cat’s chest gradually assumes the shape of the gallows. The narrator begins to fancy the cat as the tormentor of his heart. Perversely, the narrator succumbs entirely to evil thoughts.
Finally, one day as the narrator and his wife descend the steps into their cellar, the cat causes the narrator to lose his mind. The narrator flies into rage and tries to kill the cat with an axe. The wife, trying to save the life of the cat, catches hold of the axe. Then, entirely out of his footing, the narrator plants the axe in her skull and kills her.
The narrator, after killing his wife, decides to hide the body into the wall, he look for the cat but needlessly, at last this night he sleeps very well. The second and the third day passed and still his tormentor came not.
Four days later some policemen come to the house. They search the cellar several times, but they find nothing. They are about to leave when the narrator raps heavily with a cane upon the wall to show how solid it is. Suddenly they hear howls from within that cause the policemen to tear apart the wall, so they discover the body and the man’s crime. As he sees a cat sitting on the head of the corpse, the narrator thinks ha has accidentally bricked it up as well as his wife.

Il gatto nero: riassunto e commento del racconto di Poe


TEXES’S ANALYSIS. WHAT: This is a horror tale infact in this short story Poe explored the distorted human mind and the influence the subcanscious has on human behaviour. The story is narrated by the protagonist in first person.