The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde: plot

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THE STRANGE CASE OF DR JEKYLL AND MR HYDE PLOT - The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr.

. Author: Robert Louis Stevenson. Title: The Strange Case of  Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Date: 1886. Genre: Gothic novel.
Setting in time: the story takes place in the late nineteenth century
Setting in place: many of scenes take place at night in dark streets of  London or in the houses of the main characters. The atmosphere is dark and mysterious.

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THE STRANGE CASE OF DR JEKYLL AND MR HYDE SHORT PLOT - Plot: one of the main characters is Mr.
Utterson, a lawyer. He discovers that in the will of his friend Dr Jekyll compares the name of  Edward Hyde, a mysterious and violent man. Mr. Hyde is deformed, small and repugnant, so Utterson is worried for his friend and he tries to understand the causes of  the will. Dr Jekyll says that they are friends, but Utterson isn’t convinced and he starts to look into Hyde. At the beginning Utterson thinks that Hyde threatens Jekyll, but it isn’t true. At the same time the lawyer and a friend, Lanyon, often go to Jekyll’s house and they become aware that Jekyll is different but they don’t know why. The time passes and Utterson forgets about Hyde, but one year after, there is the murder of  a man, Carew and the murderer is Hyde, but anybody can find him.

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THE STRANGE CASE OF DR JEKYLL AND MR HYDE SUMMARY - Utterson is too worried for this, and he wants to know more about the relationship between Hyde and Jekyll but the last one does not want to receive him. In addition, Lanyon dies and Utterson finds a letter for him but he can open it only after the death of Jekyll. Poole, Jekyll’s butler, asks help to Utterson, because Jekyll asks him medicines and does not want to exit from his laboratory where Poole saw Hyde. Poole thinks that Hyde murdered also Jekyll, because the doctor has a different voice and a different behavior.

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THE STRANGE CASE OF DR JEKYLLO AND MR HYDE RIASSUNTO - Therefore Poole and Utterson go to Jekyll’s laboratory, and when they break down the door, they see Hyde’s body dead. Utterson finds another letter for him, so he can read this and also Lanyon’s one. In these letters Lanyon and Jekyll say him the truth: Jekyll and Hyde are the same person. In Jekyll’s letter he explains how it is possible, in fact, he made a potion to transform his personality and to divide the good and evil parts. At the beginning he was able to control this division, but then the evil part prevailed on the other.